August 9: Homebrewer’s Ball!

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Mash Tun Society and Mash Tun Journal present:

The 2014 Homebrewer’s Ball
August 9, 2014
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan Street

Join us at our first Annual Homebrewer’s Competition and meet Chicago’s future pro brewers!
Sample brews, eat some chow and vote for the best beer in this year’s first annual competition!

For $30 you get:
- Tastes of all the Homebrew entries
- A Mash Tun Tasting Glass
- A Homebrewer’s Ball T-shirt Live  Silk-screened by Teetsy! (supplies limited)
- Vittles by The Doner Men.
-  A vote for best brews in the competition. The winner gets their beer brewed at Marz Community Brewing Company
- A copy of the new Mash Tun Guide to Craft Beer in Illinois
- Tastes of Marz Community Brewing Co. beers

Featuring beers by:
Armando Cobian and Christina Cobian,  Frank and Danielle Costanzo, Joe Sumrall and Eric Franklin, Cassie Webster and Brody Webster, Kyle Shaver and Kevin Shaver, Steven Schaab and Mark Paris, David Erwin Merz III and Cameron Mark Cieglo, Lacey Griebele and Jon Cumblad, Dave Correia, Robby Zahm and Jacques Laramie, Walter Ornelas and Oscar Sanchez, Joel Timm and Taylor Southworth, Sean Fitzpatrick, Oscar Montenegro and Dany Reyes,  Mike Kerrrett, Matt Omura, Josh Smith, Takeshi Suzuki, and others.

You may only pay at the door.


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