Mash Tun x Insiders Roundtable: 
Issue 008 Release + Live Radio Show


December 10th •  7-11pm • Free! •  21+
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St

Join Mash Tun and the Beer Temple’s Insider’s Roundtable for the release of issue 8 of Mash Tun Journal. We will be hosting a bottle share and producing a live studio broadcast and taping of the Insider’s Roundtable show.

Special guests include brewers featured in the brand spanking new issue # 8  of Mash Tun Journal.

We will supply some of the beers made by the brewers and breweries featured.
It’s a bottle share! Bring some! And please wear your ugly holiday sweater.

This is a Mash Tun Society event. Please RSVP at So we can make sure we have enough vittles..

Sept 19 is the Next Wave Breweries Bash


Next Wave Breweries Bash
September 19, 2015 • 5-8pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St


Join us for the relaunch of Mash Tun Journal at the Next Wave Breweries Bash! Each year Mash Tun Journal highlights emerging breweries from the Midwest by hosting an event celebrating the brewers making a mark in the craft beer industry.

Featuring: Mikerphone, Transient Artisan Ales, Imperial Oak, Noon Whistle, Wild Rose, Devils Trumpet, Illuminated Brew Works, Pollyanna, South Loop, Hailstorm, + Vice District.

The event takes place at our headquarters and studio, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan St in the neighborhood of Bridgeport, Chicago. Admission get you the hot of the presses copy of Mash Tun Journal #7, some Kimski KoPo BBQ, a tasting glass, and complementary tastes of beers made by the breweries featured in the new issue of the Mash Tun Journal.

Admission is $25

Proceeds go the Public Media Institute, the 501 C 3 non profit, that publishes Mash Tun Journal and Lumpen Radio.

August 23: Homebrewer’s Ball


Help Marz Community Brewing Co  pick the best brew in our annual homebrew competition. Admission gets you A t-shirt, food by Kimski, Mash Tun Journals, tasting glass, tastes of brews, and a live broadcast on WLPN 105.5fm – Lumpen Radio!

For admission visit Eventbrite !!

The 2015 Hombrewer’s Ball


Marz Community Brewing presents:

The 2015 Homebrewer’s Ball
August 23, 4-7pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St

Join us at Mash Tun Society’s Second Annual Homebrewer’s Competition!

Admission and RSVP :

For $25 you get:

- Tastes of all the competing brews
- A Mash Tun Tasting Glass and copy of Mash Tun Journal
- A Silk screened Homebrewer’s Ball T-shirt by Teetsy
- Vittles by Kimski, our new Korean Polish Street Food joint
- A vote for best brews in the competition. & The winner gets their beer brewed at Marz Community Brewing Company
- Marz Community Brewing Co. beers & the debut of the Marz Slushie

Featuring beers by: Eric Franklin and Joe Sumrall, Alexander Wolos, Patrick Whisler,  Hunter Owens, Jim Vondracek and Matt Omura, Tyler Jackson, JD Blythin & Renee Weinberger, Sean Talmage, Brian Davids, Anthony Boutsikakis, Evan Devries & others.

This is an event for friends of Marz, Mash Tun Society, Lumpen, Lumpen Radio and Maria’s. Proceeds of the event go to Public Media Insitute, the non profit that publishes Mash Tun Journal.

Lumpen Radio, WLPN, 105.5 fm will be live broadcasting the event with featured WPN DJs.


The 2015 Homebrewer’s Ball Call for Beer!


Mash Tun Society and Mash Tun Journal present:
The 2015 Homebrewer’s Ball Call for Beer!

The 2015 Homebrewer’s Ball is our second annual homebrewers competition. The Ball takes place on August 23, 2015 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.  The 2015 winner will have their liquid brewed and distributed by Marz Community Brewing Co. The competition is open to homebrewers in the Chicagoland area and entry to competitors is FREE! DEADLINE FOR PARTICIPATION IS AUG 1, 2015!

Judging of the event is open to members of the Mash Tun Society. Proceeds of the event go to the Public Media Institute, the non profit that publishes Mash Tun Journal and organizes The Mash Tun Society.

Here’s how it works:
•    Any homebrewer, whether a member of a homebrewing club or not, is encouraged to enter his or her beer in the competition. There is no entry fee for competitors.
•    A maximum of 25 beers will compete. You must email us to state you are going to compete.
•    The Ball and competition both kick off at 3pm at the Co-Prosperity Sphere on August 23, 2015.
•    Mash Tun Society members will sample competing beers and vote on their favorites.
•    Four finalists will be selected based on Mash Tun Society members voting results.
•    A panel of judges chosen by Mash Tun Journal will choose the winning beer through a blind tasting.
•    The Winner will have their beer brewed by Marz Community Brewing Co.

How do homebrewers Qualify?
1.    You need to decide if you are going to compete and then email  Email Ed your name, address and phone number.
2.    The competition is open to anyone, regardless of homebrew club affiliation. There are no “official club entries”.
3.    Register early! ONLY THE FIRST 25 ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  You must email and inform him that you will be competing. The first 25 persons to email will be put on the list of competitors. You will be contacted to receive information about your submission and the process for getting your brew into the competition. DEADLINE FOR RESERVING A SPACE TO COMPETE IS AUG 1, 2015!
4.    Only one beer may be entered per person/team.
5.    One co-brewer is allowed. Please, no brewing teams of three or more.
6.    Beers may be submitted in Cornelius ball-lock kegs or pin-lock kegs. Bottles will be accepted this year. We need about 5 gallons of bottled beer to be sampled out.
7.    Brewers must will supply all tapping equipment. We supply the sampling glasses, buckets and ice. ( We do not have 25 tanks of gas or tapping systems, sorry).
8.    Beer submissions must be dropped off during business hours at Co-Prosperity Sphere by August 22. No late submissions will be accepted! You must label your submission with your name, phone number, email and name and style of beer.
9.    Beers not received by August 22 will be disqualified from the competition.
10.    It is not guaranteed that the winning beer will be the exact beer that will be made by Marz Community Brewing Co—e.g., if the winning entry is a sour beer, we may not be able to brew it. Regardless, the winning brewer will select the recipe and work directly with Marz brewers to make the beer.
11.    The locally released beer will be a collaboration between Marz and the winning homebrewer(s) only.
12.    We cannot accept recipes for bacterially soured beers, Brettanomyces beers, beers brewed with artificial flavorings or ingredients, or beers requiring extended aging (more than 60 days) for brewing on our system.
13.    Employees of Marz Community Brewing Co. and their family members are not eligible to compete.

Important Information on How to Submit Your Beer
•    All beer must be submitted in Cornelius ball-lock kegs or pin-lock kegs or as bottled beer.
•    Beer must be dropped off at Co-Prosperity Sphere between Wednesday, August 19 and no later than Saturday, August 22 during the hours of ( 11pm – 7pm)
•    Participating homebrewers must bring their own gas, and tapping equipment, we will supply the ice and containers for your brew.
•    Any changes to your entry (e.g. different beer or name) must be submitted no later than 4pm on Thursday, August 20, 2015.

August 9: Homebrewer’s Ball!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.42.33 PM


Mash Tun Society and Mash Tun Journal present:

The 2014 Homebrewer’s Ball
August 9, 2014
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan Street

Join us at our first Annual Homebrewer’s Competition and meet Chicago’s future pro brewers!
Sample brews, eat some chow and vote for the best beer in this year’s first annual competition!

For $30 you get:
- Tastes of all the Homebrew entries
- A Mash Tun Tasting Glass
- A Homebrewer’s Ball T-shirt Live  Silk-screened by Teetsy! (supplies limited)
- Vittles by The Doner Men.
-  A vote for best brews in the competition. The winner gets their beer brewed at Marz Community Brewing Company
- A copy of the new Mash Tun Guide to Craft Beer in Illinois
- Tastes of Marz Community Brewing Co. beers

Featuring beers by:
Armando Cobian and Christina Cobian,  Frank and Danielle Costanzo, Joe Sumrall and Eric Franklin, Cassie Webster and Brody Webster, Kyle Shaver and Kevin Shaver, Steven Schaab and Mark Paris, David Erwin Merz III and Cameron Mark Cieglo, Lacey Griebele and Jon Cumblad, Dave Correia, Robby Zahm and Jacques Laramie, Walter Ornelas and Oscar Sanchez, Joel Timm and Taylor Southworth, Sean Fitzpatrick, Oscar Montenegro and Dany Reyes,  Mike Kerrrett, Matt Omura, Josh Smith, Takeshi Suzuki, and others.

You may only pay at the door.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.03.14 AM


Mash Tun’s Chicago Craft Beer Week

The Mash Tun Society is hosting a few events during Chicago Craft Beer Week. Join us for these special events with our friends and pals in the craft beer universe.

Mash Tun Society presents
Backstage at Penrose Brewery

May 22, 2014 •  7-10 pm

Admission is $40 RSVP HERE
Limited space so order soon!!

Penrose – map
509 Stevens St
Geneva, IL 60134

Join us in Geneva for an evening with Illinois’ darling new brewery, Penrose. Our special event includes a private reception, a four beer flight and guided tasting, an exclusive tour with the owners as well as a Q and A session led by Mash Tun Journal. This event has very limited capacity.

You will also receive a Mash Tun Tasting Glass
Copy of Issue #5 – Our hot off the press issue
Copy of Issue #4 – Which features an interview with Tom Korder and Eric Hobbs of Penrose.

Mash Tun Society presents:
The Olympic Mash Up
May 24, 2014 7 – 10 pm

The Olympic Tavern – map
2327 N Main St
Rockford, IL 61103

Admission: $25 for Regular Admission RSVP HERE
$20 for Mash Tun Society Members
We will be charging at the door but please bring your ID so that we can check you in.


Join us at Olympic for an evening with the Publisher of Mash Tun Journal, Ed Marszewski and brewers from Marz Community Brewing Co from Chicago. Ed and pals from Marz will be bringing some special brews to share from the newest generation of brewers from Chicagoland. You can also meet your Mash Tun pals and get some Mash Tun schwag and copies of the journal.

Attendees will also receive:
A Mash Tun Tasting Glass
Copy of Issue #5 – Our hot off the press issue
Six tastes of an assortment of Chicagoland brewery beer ( Marz, Pipeworks, and others TBA )

Mash Tun Society presents:
New Wave Karaoke Freak Out with Marz Community Brewing Co.
May 21, 2014  •  7 – 10 pm

Rock Island Public House – map
13328 Olde Western Ave
Blue Island, IL 60406

Join the gang from Mash Tun Society as we host an 80′s YouTube karaoke freak out KJ-ed by Ed Marszewski and Eric Olson of Mash Tun, Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar and drink some tastiness from their soon to be opened Marz Community Brewing Co. Come ready to sing your favorite 80′s hit and can win some prizes!

Participants will receive:
Hosted tasting ( 2 pours)  of Marz Community Brewing Co’s secret concoctions.
A Mash Tun Tasting Glass
Copy of Issue #5 – Our hot off the press issue
Marz brew masters will be in the house

Members contact info@publicmediainstitute dot com for invites if you haven’t yet received them. Order a membership at

May 3: 2014 – Mash Tun Fest: The New Wave Brewers Bash


Mash Tun Festival: The New Wave Brewers Bash May 3, 2014  3-7pm Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 S Morgan Street Join us as we celebrate the release of Mash Tun Journal # 5 and meet the new generation of breweries that have recently launched in Chicagoland.

You get a copy of the new issue of the mag, a tasting glass, and carefully curated pours of brews by Chicagoland’s New Wave breweries like: 18th Street, One Trick Pony, Horse Thief Hollow, Middle Brow,  Dryhop, Off Color, Ale Syndicate, Slap Shot, Atlas, Lake Effect, BuckleDown, Penrose, Une Année  Marz Community Brewing, Forbidden Root, and others. Complementary vittles and other surprises in store. Admission is $35  ( $25 for Mash Tun Society Members – What is that? ) •  You must RSVP and purchase tickets online via our Eventbrite site or in person at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar.  Major credit cards accepted. No Refunds. After purchasing admission your name will be on our RSVP list at the door. Please bring your ID and show your receipt from paypal.

Eventbrite - Mash Tun Festival’s New Wave Brewers Bash

Mashtoberfest is October 26, 2013



October 26 – 8pm-Midnight
Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 S Morgan St

Mashtoberfest is the release party for issue number four  of The Mash Tun Journal. Our Halloween costume ball will be held at the Co-Prosperity Sphere featuring complementary pours of the finest libations offered by Half Acre,  Virtue Cider, Solemn Oath, Pipeworks, Lagunitas, Allagash, 18th Street, Stone, Greenbush, Scratch, Penrose, Off Color, Three Floyds, Two Brothers, and Marz Community Brewing Co!

Maria’s will also be providing tastes of a wide variety of fruity, spicy, tart and pumpkin beers .  Hardcore Craft Beer  will be featuring their Alechemy project during the night and  we will be giving out prizes for best costume, so make it happen, cholo.  Lovely Paties will be provided by Pleasant House Bakery and Carnitas tacos will be provided Martinez Foods. If yer lucky we will get Popeye’s Chicken! And please enjoy live music by geighties cover band Members Only, Population, and DJ Hector and Co. Teetsy will also be doing a live silk screening and be giving away shirts!

Admission $40 •  Purchase tickets at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar or at the door – the Co-Prosperity Sphere (21+). Major credit cards accepted. No Refunds.
Admission gives you membership to the Mash Tun Society, our not-so-secret beer club. After purchasing admission your name will be on our RSVP list at the door. Please bring your ID and show your receipt from paypal


Mashtoberfest is a celebration of the release of Mash Tun: A Craft Beer Journal issue #4. The Mash Tun is a publication put out by your buddies at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar and The Public Media Institute, a non profit arts and culture organization based in Bridgeport.  Mash Tun is our paean to craft beer. It follows the pleasures and aesthetics of craft beer and how it intersects with food, culture, and society.

///  The Pour List ///

Three Floyds Drunk Monk
Three Floyds Permanent Funeral
Half Acre Mr. Goroboros
HAlf Acre Sticky Fat
Half Acre Double Daisy Cutter
Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn Double IPA
PipeworksDude, there’s a Beverage Here! White Russian Imperial Stout
Solemn Oath Man vs Internet
Solemn Oath Wreckage Master
18th Street Deal with the Devil Pale Ale with Citra Hops
Lagunitas Fusion 15
Lagunitas IPA
Allagash White
Allagash James Bean
Penrose Navette
Penrose Devoir
Marz Coffee/Cocoa Bridgeporter
März Berlinerweiss 5000
Virtue Sidra
Virtue Percheron
Stone Ruination Citra
Greenbush Unicorn Killer
Scratch Brewing
Off Color Scurry
Two Brothers Tangent
Various Pumpkin, sour and tart beers complements of Maria’s

Winners of Mash Tun Fest: The Invitational Competition

mash tun invitational

We invited 35 breweries who served 77 beers at Mash Tun Fest: The Invitational. Everyone brought their game and we had a great time sampling out their delicious concoctions. Our judges performed the Herculian task of tasting all the beers and selected the winners of our four competition categories.

The winners are:

Lagunitas Brewing Co Fusion 16 won the most “Every Day is Like Sunday” beer award

Against The Grain Brewery Bo and Luke won the Most “Bold and Beautiful” beer award

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Thai Chile Wahoo Wheat won the “WTF is This” beer award

Half Acre Beer Company Navaja won most “Hopped and Confused” beer award

And Scratch Brewing Company won the “People’s Choice” award for getting the most votes for favorite beers of the festival.

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